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Top Drop Vancouver in Whistler!

TopDrop-header-2015-2You would be surprised at how many wines are created in a boardroom by a group of marketing executives. These wines are popular. But if you knew that beforehand, would you buy something else?

Tomorrow is the 2nd annual Top Drop Vancouver. Started by Jeff Curry and Kurtis Kolt, the event pays homage to hand-crafted wines, cider, and craft beer producers and to authentic, sustainable meat, seafood and produce and the people behind them.

Bringing producers to consumers and hospitality workers is far reaching. Have you ever experienced the dreamy eyes of a sommelier as they explain the funky personality of the farmer who grows the grapes for the wine that you are drinking? I can tell you, it will change the way that that juice hits your lips and falls down your throat. When you go to a dinner with wine pairings, it will allow you to really connect with your food when the winemaker, the farmer of the produce, the person who hung the meat and cured it, are there. You will catch the fever and passion of these people and adore and respect how much work – blood, sweat, and tears – go into the meal in front of you.

Top Drop Whistler is in it’s first year as a satellite event to the original Top Drop Vancouver. How wonderful! Because even the most dedicated Whistler somms miss out on many of the great wine events of the city. Not this time; Top Drop came to Whistler!

Therefore, I wanted to thank Jeff Curry, Kurtis Kolt, and Eric Blouin for bringing this event to the sommeliers and people of Whistler. Thank you for allowing us to meet with the people behind such great labels as Champagne Philipponnat, Latta, Truchard Vineyards, Synchromesh and Elio Altare. Thank you!

Jeff Curry, Co-Founder of Top Drop
Jeff Curry, Co-Founder of Top Drop
Kurtis Kolt, Co-Founder of Top Drop Vancouver
Kurtis Kolt, Co-Founder of Top Drop Vancouver
Eric Blouin of Wine Monkey Media
Eric Blouin of Wine Monkey Media









And guess what? You don’t have to wait for an opportunity for great food, wine and conversation with world-renowned producers and chefs. You can join those producers in Whistler on September 10th at Alta Bistro. To buy tickets, visit their site at

And for many other incredible events, visit the Top Drop Vancouver site.



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