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We’re designing online wine courses for people who like to drink wine. Master terms that enable you to describe wine and gain the skills to select the right wine for every occasion!

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Who are SommWine's Online Courses for

SommWine’s Courses are designed for people who like to drink wine. It’s that simple. 

We’ll cover all of the fancy words that wine professional use. But we’ll suggest simpler terms so everyone can understand your wine descriptions.

Videos cover topics that are broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks. Each lesson is followed with additional readings, quizzes or an action exercise (such as tasting a flight of recommended wines!) 

By the end of this course, you’ll Sound Like a Wine Pro!

Wine Tasting in the Vineyard is an option with trips that Wine Scholar Guild organizes. That's why WSG is in this One-Stop Guide for Wine Courses

Learn about wine from the comforts of home! Our beginner course is SommWine’s How to Sound Like a Wine Pro. 

What does it mean when a wine is described as smelling like cherries instead of blackberries? You’ll master wine terms so you’ll know how to choose the best bottle for you and for your friends. Finally, you’ll understand why some wines cost more than others and when you should (or shouldn’t) spend more on a bottle.

All videos are broken up into manageable bite-sized pieces. Each lesson is followed with action exercises,  quizzes or a recommended set of wines to taste together. You’ll also get an invite to participate online with other students to ask questions and share your favourite wines.

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"Previously a sommeliere and wine director, I'm now dedicating myself to wine education. Click on my name below to read more about me."