1367018992_0d58bce2ec_o“Buy 20 cases of this wine and I will send you to Napa on an all expenses paid trip!”

My first indecent proposal. He just went for it, and I flinched and pretended to take notes.

Behind every bottle there is a person. And I guess for every sales technique there is a person who responds well to it.

It was my first meeting with said wine rep. He didn’t have an appointment with me. My boss stood him up and the host called me to talk to him to save face. And he didn’t have any wines. Goodness, why did he drive all the way from Vancouver to sell us wine without any to try?

You’ve heard about those doctors who prescribe Tylenol instead of no-name cheaper brand, acetaminophen because they get all-inclusive trips to Club Med? I feel the same way with this proposition. Dirty.

The best way to sell your wine, is to let me taste it. Let the wines speak for themselves.

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