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One Last Push!

Two more weeks.Sleepless-eyes-

This year is a complete blur. It’s as if I’ve been downhill biking black diamond runs non-stop. Pace, faster, drop, to berm, to another drop, maintain the speed over the rocks, oh narrowing root system, slow down, breathe, breathe. Now go!

The year in Review…

studying over booksWine and Spirit Trust level 4 – studying. Check. 4 wine regions in Argentina – traveling, tasting and inhaling. Check. Wine judging, hosting the first Top Drop event in Whistler, my first wine seminars at Cornucopia, and securing wine sponsorships for fundraisers – welcoming, hosting, coordinating, marketing. Check, check. Oh yeah, and the juggling dance-act of being the wine director of a busy restaurant that has a wine cellar worth 2.5 million dollars. Check. Receiving sponsorship, attending VinItaly International Wine School in Verona, traveling to Piedmont. Check.

I’m tired.

This year, I’ve missed many birthdays and births. My family is so supportive of my absence and I hope when I see my friends again, they will understand too. I’m surprised and relieved that my boyfriend has stayed with me. We haven’t been hiking in over a year together. And boy do I stress out when the internet isn’t working! (yee gods, Argentina!). I’ve taken work with me everywhere. And now, I’ve left my job and moved to a new city.

puting out a cigaretteSo now I am 2 weeks away from my unit 3 exam. I’ve become crazy-tight with the 4 people I meet with twice a week for wine tasting and wine law discussion. There are only 2 weeks left! Is it too late to catch up? Is there still smoke floating up from the embers or have I completely burned out already?

So after ignoring this darn blog for a year, in two weeks I’m back! I’m back before my exam just to let you know that in 2 weeks, I’ll be back for good!

So get ready all you people out there. I’ve opened up my schedule and I have a lot of ideas milling around from this last year and a half of having my head buried deep, deep into books, travel, work, study, liver-malfunctioning, 15-pound weight-gain tasting, life out-of-balancing, one-track frame of mind on wine. In 2 weeks, I get to start telling you all about it!party




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