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We are currently designing an online wine program so that you can study in the comfort of your home.

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WSET® Certification Courses

Take a wine course with THE globally recognized leader in wine education. Courses are offered in Whistler, Canada!

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Host a Wine Tasting

These personalized events are a ton of fun! Choose a theme such as wine and food pairing or play a blind-wine tasting game or...

Join A Certified WSET Wine Course In Whistler, Canada

For industry professionals who want a wine course that is recognized in over 70 countries worldwide. Courses are held in Whistler, Canada.

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Take Our online wine courses

Learn about wine from the comforts of home! Our beginner course is SommWine’s How to Sound Like a Wine Pro. 

What does it mean when a wine is described as smelling like cherries instead of blackberries? You’ll master wine terms so you’ll know how to choose the best bottle for you and for your friends. Finally, you’ll understand why some wines cost more than others and when you should (or shouldn’t) spend more on a bottle.

Or, you can join our SommWine’s Masterclass on Food and Wine Pairing.  We’ll break down elements of food and how they react with wine.

All videos are broken up into manageable bite-sized pieces. Each lesson is followed with quizzes and action worksheets. You’ll also get an invite to participate online with other students for questions.

Click here to contact Joanne about our wine sommelier courses, our online courses or to host a private wine tasting!

Host a private Wine Tasting Event with your Friends or Coworkers

A wine tasting is the perfect way for coworkers to get to know each other away from work pressures. Fantastic for stagettes, retirement parties and an amazing way to make your event stand out!

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Hire a wine service trainer

If you’re the manager of a restaurant and want to see wine sales soar, contact me. With over 15 years experience in fine dining restaurants, I can help your staff acquire the service edge.

"Previously a sommeliere and wine director, I'm now dedicating myself to wine education. Click on my name below to read more about me."

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