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The ideal place to start - Our Basic wine Course

WSET Level 1 Online Wine Course

Recognized in over 70 countries!

$349 CAD



  • Your online wine course will take 6 hours of online time (reading + watching videos) to be completed in 4 weeks
  • add a few more hours for revision, handing in assignments and live webinars. Or, for completing exercises in your Ultimate Guide (if you choose to purchase it)
  • you’ll then write your exam at a time that’s convenient for you from the comforts of your home
  • Learn how to describe 8 noble grape varieties and 16 wines from Europe in this basic wine course
  • the essentials of red and white winemaking
  • practice wine tasting technique
  • introduction to food and wine pairing
  • how to serve wine and properly store wine

Included in your WSET online Wine Course Enrolment:

- 4-week access to all videos and exercises you can do at home
with a recommended list of wines for you to purchase.

- your WSET digital textbook
a full-year access to explore its valuable content at your leisure

- your exam
Flexibility is key! Enjoy the freedom to schedule your exam
at your convenience within 1 year of finishing the course.

Not to worry, I've got your back
and I'll check in with you and make sure we're on track!

- BONUS - SommWine students receive 50% off!
our Ultimate Guide to Level 1 in Wines
(That's just $25!!!)
our mobile-friendly guide includes flashcards and over 300 questions to prepare you for your exam. Save time! It's also a great tool to refresh your memory after the course!

** Price does not include wines

Need to purchase Proper Wine Tasting Glasses?

You can order the correct ISO glasses through Amazon

USA click here

Canada here

UK here

Your WSET Level 1 Basic Wine Course Exam

Your WSET Level 1 Online Wine Course Exam

You’ll have 4 weeks to watch all videos, prepare and for revision. Then…

  •  you have 45 minutes
  • 30 multiple choice questions
  • there is no wine tasting in your Level 1 exam
  • you must get 70% in order to pass the exam
  • you write your exam from the comforts of home using 2 devices – like a smartphone and a computer for example

Exams may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to get your results.


After you pass, you’ll get a coveted WSET Level 1 lapel pin you can wear with pride! We’ll also mail to you a wine tasting certificate signed by the President. Woot wooooot!!!

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The Steps or How to's...

  1. Register for the class you want (classes start pretty much every 2 weeks)
  2. You’ll create a login with a password when you pay. Remember your password if you intend to purchase the Ultimate Guide.
  3. Check your email inbox to fill out the complete enrolment form.
  4. Then, WSET will invite you to join Canvas by email through a link. This is where you’ll communicate with your instructor, attend the online classroom and watch videos. I’ll also send you an access code to view your e-book through this link
  5. Go wine shopping! We’ll send you a ‘recommended wines to buy’ list in Canvas. Need help buying wines? Reach out to joanne@sommwine.com. You’ll also be responsible for sending in wine tasting notes to your online educator.
  6. We’ll book your exam time together sometime after enrolment.
  7. I’ll also be available to you whenever you need me! You can email me directly at joanne@sommwine.com.
  8. 10 days before your exam, you’ll be asked to do a systems check to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your exam.

The Steps for Your Online Wine Course


Kind words from kind humans...

I wouldn’t be a success without hardworking students such as these fine humans…

[After taking WSET with Joanne], I started drinking a lot of wine and I'm able to tell the differences between them to serve my guests better.
After feeling totally overwhelmed at the beginning [of the course], the online course [SommWine's Ultimate Guide] and revision structure definitely helped.
[Joanne] overprepared us for our exam. The online quizzes were so helpful for studying!
I now feel more confident about wine and able to classify all the information in my mind. I'm pleased with how much I've learned in such a short period
Joanne's enthusiasm is infectious and her wine knowledge vast. Would 100% recommend for anyone wanting to deepen their wine knowledge!
Screen Shot 2022 01 22 at 10.07.26 PM
Jennifer Wang
Aspiring Sommelier, US
I now have more knowledge about grapes, terroir and winemaking processes and I'm confident to explain wine!


How to set up
your room
for a Remote Invigilation (RI) exam for online wine courses

Napoleon Bonaparte, France

"In victory you deserve to drink champagne;
in defeat you need it."

Technology Requirements

There are 4 systems that we'll use for your course:

System 1 - Canvas; the WSET learning management system

  • In Canvas, you can message your instructor, watch videos and complete wine tasting exercises.
  • Keep the email invitation sent by WSET as it’s your best way to access your account. Otherwise, use this link.

System 2 - ebooks sign in

  • I’ll send you an access code to view your ebook
  • They can be accessed through this link or https://ebooks.wsetglobal.com/#!/ from your browser.
  • From your smart phone? Heck, YES! For google, download the WSET e-books app here. For iphone or mac, download this app.

System 3 - your RI (remote invigilation exam) through ProctorExam

  • You’ll need 2 devices to take your exam online; as in one laptop and 1 smart phone. For your laptop or primary device, you will need Windows 8 or higher or Mac OS X or previous releases, or Linux 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+
  • For your smart phone or secondary device, you will need Android 5.1 or higher or IOS 10.0 or higher.
  • We’ll work out all the kinks with a systems check 10 days before your exam to make sure all is smooth on the day!

**Secondary devices not supported during your exam are the Google Pixel series, Huawei P30 series, Huawei Y9S and the Samsung Galaxy A3.

System 4 - Your login at the top right hand corner of this website!

  • You’ll create a login with your email address and a password when you pay. Use this to access your FREE Ultimate Guide to this WSET basic wine course that will ensure you a ‘distinction’ grade!

C o n t a c t

Have any questions? Reach out to Joanne now!