Corporate Events in Whistler in Vancouver in Squamish or Virtually

Looking for that extraordinary icebreaker to start off your event?

These f-u-n, fun affairs are lively sessions jam-packed with grand storytelling of the legends and trailblazers of the industry – all this through the glass! Led by an expert sommeliere, you’ll explore exceptional wines while fostering connections with your team.

You provide the venue. I’ll bring the stories, and oh yes, the wine!

Wine Tasting Themes

Personalized Themes

Did you just come back from a fantastic wine-filled holiday you want to share?
Or perhaps your company is on a mission; goals are set and you’re preparing to rise to the challenge?
Fear not, Joanne thrives on connecting themes through stories about wine!

Schedule a chat with Joanne and after a few questions, we’ll create an adventure that just right for you!


* Here are some previous themes we’ve covered: the Rise of Rosé, Women in Wine, Heavyweight Reds, Inspiration and Passion, Napa’s Liquid Gold: The Enchanting Tales of its Iconic Wines, How to Become a Food Pairing Guru in One Night!, The Full Monty: Piemonte. 


Virtual Corporate Events

Are many of your colleagues working remotely? Perhaps bringing the whole group together in one place is simply not logistically possible. 

Let’s bring the vineyards to everyone’s doorstep! We’ll carefully ship curated selections to each participant. Then, we’ll connect virtually over your company’s video conferencing service creating an unforgettable evening of wine exploration. 

Not familiar with our shipping laws? Not to worry, just know these events are limited to people within the province of BC.

So, unite your team in a shared tasting experience
that transcends physical boundaries and creates lasting connections.

Add De-Alcoholized Wine Flights to Your Corporate Event

Your company’s motto is inclusivity! So, add de-alcoholized wine flights to your event!

At SommWine, we believe that enjoyment knows no bounds. That’s why we’ve crafted a unique corporate offering that caters to those who embrace life’s vibrant moments without alcohol. Welcome to our extraordinary De-Alcoholized Wine Tasting Experience, where every sip is a celebration of flavor, elegance, and the joy of living.

** this is a selection of ‘de-alcoholized’ wine. Therefore, some of these wines will have 0.5% abv.


Are you hosting in Pemberton, Squamish or Vancouver?

That's great! We'll just add a small travel fee to the invoice!

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The Best of BC

Visiting from abroad?

Uncork a remarkable event that will inspire, engage, and elevate your organization by travelling through the glass – from Vancouver Island to the Okanagan Valley, the Similkameen and beyond. Meet the pioneers, the established players and the trendsetters of BC’s flourishing wine industry!

Let’s inject the regions local flavours right into your company’s soul with this curated selection of BC wines.

How to embark on your Corporate tasting experience...

The Process

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Pick your date, time + place

I’ll need YOUR help to find the best wine selection for you! So we’ll first schedule a lively chat to find out what makes your group tick.

Settle on the perfect date, time, and venue where there are tables, chairs, wine glasses and water for your guests. And hey, if things get fancy and more wine glasses are needed, we might have to whip out our rental magic!

No matter what, your fabulous event will be set in stone once a non-refundable deposit dances its way into the wine’s coffers. So let’s get this party started, shall we?

Hold your horses! Schedule a chat with Joanne first

Before diving into the action, let’s make sure you schedule a chat with the one and only Joanne! She’s the expert when it comes to getting the party started. Once you’ve had that awesome tête-à-tête, you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable event!

I’ll coordinate with you or your events coordinator to make sure the venue and I have everything ready on the day. If you select a virtual tasting, we’ll ensure all the wines are delivered on time to the other BC locations.

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Now, it’s time to gather your colleagues and treat your taste buds to some exquisite vino.

Just a small request, though: let’s keep the fragrances light and breezy. We want those wine aromas to shine, so please leave the strong colognes and perfumes behind.

Joanne will request your company’s logo to make everything look official on our day!

Invoice and payment

When it’s time to settle the bill or send a deposit for booking, we’ve got a couple of options for you to choose from. You can gracefully hand over a classic cheque or swiftly make an e-transfer. If you prefer the convenience of using a credit card, no worries! We do accept them, but please note that there will be a small transaction fee applied.

The full payment is due on the day of the event. So, make sure you’ve got your financial ducks in a row, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get ready to toast to a fantastic occasion and let’s make sure the payment part is as smooth as silk!


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Party time !

Let’s do this!!!

Joanne will arrive early to coordinate the set up for party time!

Generally, our party lasts 1.5 hours with some time after for more engagement!

Get in Touch

Connect with Joanne!

Corporate Events


Your Event Includes

  • 1.5-hour consultation 
  • a numbers presentation with photos to enhance the storytelling and enchant your guests
  • wine tasting mats with your company’s logo
  • sheets with the wines listed for note taking and keepsakes
  • 1.5 hour presentation with time for engagement and discussion
  • et moi! That’s me in the photo on the right
  • Need more support? If you require more than the 1-hour consultation to get all ducks in a row, not to worry! We’ll just charge our hourly rate of $199
  • stand up casual events welcome!

Your Event Includes

Group Size

Group Size

10 - 19 Attendees

$79 + the cost of the wines

20 - 39 Attendees

$49 + the cost of the wines

40 - 59 Attendees

$39 pp + the cost of the wines

more people?

Wine Prices

Our wine prices are as dynamic as the flavours they hold, depending on the number of bottles needed and the premium styles you crave.  For example, for 14 attendees – we’ll need only 1 bottle of each wine. But when the excitement grows beyond that, we’ll double the pleasure with two bottles of each wine!

I usually purchase wines from a range of price points – say from $25 – $100 per bottle excluding taxes. At this amount, expect the wine bill to add another $800-900. But if you have 15 or more attendees, expect the invoice to reflect an additional $800-900 splurge. Give or take. It’s all about celebrating life in style!

And, if your crew is dreaming of indulging in ultra-premium wines, we can amp up the bottle spend accordingly.

Fear not, my energetic friend! Once we’ve had a chance to chat and align on your event’s details, I’ll whip up a package that spells out the cost breakdown with utter clarity.


Wine Prices

Wine Selection

Wine Selection

A selection of 8 wines will get us through 1.5 hours nicely! I like to pick one or 2 producers or regions you are familiar with and then, WHAM! I hit you with eclectic wines and regions you’ve never heard of!


So, get ready to raise a glass and toast to an unforgettable wine experience!


De-alcoholized Wine Fights

This juice was first fermented into wine before having the alcohol removed. That means these gems can have tannin and flavours to philosophise over just like the real stuff.

Prices range here too. But earmark around $120 per guest for these specialized offerings.

De-alcoholized Flights

Virtual Tastings

Virtual Tastings

We’ll have all those great wines shipped to each of your co-workers. This adds approximately another $40 per person. Give or take.

Not to worry! When shipping to each person, we usually bring the total number of bottles down and this also brings the final bill down too.


Wine quote:

Wine does not make you fat,
it makes you lean...
against walls, chairs
and funny people

Meet Your Host


Kind words from kind humans...

All of us loved [Joanne's] energy, [her] personality and the joy [she] showed, doing what [she] loves. We also learned a great deal. It was a great way to add energy for what we were heading into; the world of underwriting, insurance and all things very dry (not like the dry we like of our wines!)
Very special private wine tasting experience. Personalized to our tastes, and gave an enhanced perspective on French wine. Joanne’s enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge vast. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to deepen their wine knowledge in a more individualised way, or wanting to provide a gift to a fellow wine lover. Thank you Joanne!
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are STILL talking about it! Joanne was very personable and we loved our tasting of Napa cabs we wouldn't have known to try.
20210820 154324 scaled e1642913854806
Jeanette Badger
Deep Cove, BC
[Our private wine tasting with Joanne] was amazing. It made us even more passionate towards wine.
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Connor Doyle

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