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Best Online Wine Delivery Services in Vancouver, BC in 2024

Your guide to order wine online for British Columbia, Canada

Get ready to uncork the good times with the best online wine delivery services in Vancouver. We’ve handpicked the Fab Four, delivering the finest wines straight to your doorstep all across British Columbia. These spots? They’ve got it all – top-notch wine selections, user-friendly online experience, and fast delivery times that won’t keep you waiting.

I’ve written about this topic a couple of times before (here’s one post, and here’s the one before that) and it’s great to see that all of these stores are making constant improvements to streamline the ordering process. I swear it’s as though these stores are reading my posts and taking my suggestions directly. Oh, and give a warm welcome to Liberty Wine Merchants, joining the digital party with their stellar selection now online!

Vancouverites, you’re living the high life with these options. So what are you waiting for? Let’s toast to the good life, one sip at a time!🍷✨

Please Note:

    • the law requires a person of legal age to be physically at the address when the product arrives in order to receive it. Couriers and Canada Post are not allowed to leave liquor at your doorstep
    • you must be 19 years of age or older (in BC) and present id when wine and alcohol are delivered


Large cities like Vancouver have plenty of options for wine selection and easy wine delivery.


Marquis Wine Cellars, Vancouver BC

Located downtown on Davie St. near Burrard, I spend a lot of time both in the store and on their website. 

Surprisingly, Marquis has the best selection of Austrian wines in the province. I love the convenience of browsing their website from the comfort of my home. It’s equipped with a seamless user interface and swift loading times that makes researching wines for my courses a smooth experience. Moreover, their unparalleled selection, coupled with an army of highly knowledgeable staff readily available to answer queries, and an exceptionally cost-effective delivery system, solidify their position as the #1 online wine delivery store in both Vancouver and the province. Marquis truly stands out as the ultimate destination for wine enthusiasts.




  • The most developed online user experience. Marquis was an early adapter to online wine delivery and this shows when you search through their website. It’s fast and intuitive.
  • Each wine contains a useful description
  • If you require more assistance, many Marquis’ staff are afficionados too – there’s no question too big or small with this team
  • Includes special categories for wine nerds such as ‘Grower Champagne’ section, an ‘Organic/Biodynamic’ section, and a ’95+ points wine’ area. 
  • also sells cider, beer and spirits
  • Free if you spend over $250 + tax
  • By creating an account, you may check the status of your order, gain and manage ‘MarquisMiles’, and get special offers
  • search tab is intuitive so you can find what you are looking for easily
  • has their own in-house delivery system and just uses Canada Post for shipping outside of Vancouver. This means that you have a direct service line to what’s happening with your delivery by calling the store.


  • For Vancouver’s stylish jet-setters and local trendsetters, the new ‘Marquis Exclusives’ section offers rare global wines only available at this store
  • delicious low and no-alcohol wines
  • each section now has a brief introduction to the region


  •  none

Example of the new design of Marquis Wine Cellars website

There are some obvious changes to Marquis’ website since the last time I covered this topic. For example, by searching for ‘Burgundy’ wines, you’ll be taken to a page with the wines and a list of clickable links at the top that will narrow down your search (see below). Therefore, instead of scrolling through all of the wines, you can skip and just click on ‘Nuits-St-Georges‘.

It makes searches even easier!

Burgundy scaled
Improved search results showcasing tag words for quicker search
Copy of Con2


  • If you spend over $250 + tax, online wine delivery is free to one address.
  • For smaller orders, there’s a flat rate charge of $15.99 + GST
  • Marquis offers priority shipping for $35 when the wine needs to arrive the same-day or the next-day – as long as you order before the day’s cut-off time at 11 am
  • for deliveries in rural areas – like if your postal code starts with ‘V0’ – wines will need to be shipped with ‘Priority Shipping’; additional charges apply
Serving Temperature

How long do online wine deliveries take?

  • Downtown Vancouver – Same-day or next day by courier; 
  • the rest of Vancouver – 1-2 business days; 
  • the rest of BC –is shipped using Canada Posts 2-3 Business Day Expedited Service
  • if you need it the same day, select Priority Shipping for your wine deliveries for $35
  • online orders available 24/7. Store hours are 11 am – 9 pm for telephone inquiries and for pick up
  • no deliveries on weekends
  • you can find updated shipping policies here.

Everything Wine in Vancouver, BC

Wine Delivery: all over BC

Everything Wine has fantastic wine, beer and spirit selections.  They also have 5 locations in the Lower Mainland and 1 in Langford (near Victoria) on Vancouver Island. This means many British Columbians will be able to take advantage of their ‘free wine delivery when you spend over $200’.

I’m sad to see that Everything Wine has given up on the spoofy images of fruit notes and the pretty pink highlights (see photo left below). On the other hand, ALL wines are now complete with handy descriptions and I can certainly support the no-nonsense ‘function over fashion’ approach. Furthermore, Everything Wine now allows customers to leave up to 5 star reviews for the products. Bravo!

The best improvement by far is this…previously, I wrote that Everything Wines’ interface experience was lacking due to the arduous number of clicks one needed to find a wine (or find that they didn’t have it at all). The issue was directly related to the number of stores you needed to individually check for inventory levels. This is now fixed!
This makes Everything Wine certainly the ‘most improved’ website for ordering wines online and places just a smidgen below Marquis for best online customer experience. Read more below.


Everything Wine's Website Then and Now

Previous website design

Screen Shot 2022 04 29 at 2.31.54 PM

New website design

everything scaled


  • excellent wines and wide selection
  • free wine delivery and shipping to anywhere in British Columbia when you order over $200 + tax
  • lightning speed loading times
  • search tab is the most intuitive one I’ve used which is a huge plus + !!
  • purchase 12 or more bottles are receive 5% off 😁
  • pricing to your location is calculated at the cart checkout
  • delivery by Fed-Ex so you get a tracking number which allows you to change delivery times or add specific delivery instructions
  • read their current shipping policies here.
  • using Fed Ex means that this is the fastest delivery system if you are located outside of Vancouver (just 3-5 business days)


  • all wines now have descriptions as well as customer ratings and reviews.
  • if a wine is unavailable in the store nearest you, you are now only 1-click away to seeing the inventory of that wine in all of the other 5 stores. Click on ‘Check quantities of other stores’ to see the rest.
  • they’ve just begun to list wines not just by grape variety but by country of origin/ appellation as well – so important for searching wines from France, Italy and Spain


  • although the country of origin/ appellation approach to wines is starting to appear, it’s still in the ‘developing’ stage
  • there are still so many wines listed in their database when all of the inventory is gone. It would be a wonderful upgrade for unlisted wines to disappear from the search
  • Fed-ex is not the best delivery method within the Lower Mainland as they give you a large delivery window for deliveries which may not work for some. You can request a morning or afternoon but they may not be able to accommodate. If you’ve ever tried to call Fed-Ex, you’ll know what a pain that is. So make sure you log on and put your delivery details right after you get the confirmation details as phoning Fed-Ex (as Everything Wine’s website recommends) afterwards would really suck. Just count the minutes it takes for you to get to where you need to go via telephone.
Serving Temperature

How long do online wine deliveries take?

  • about 2-3 business days anywhere in the Lower Mainland
  • online wine deliveries take 3-5 business days so
Copy of Con2


  • free online wine delivery and shipping to many places when you order over $200 + tax – unfortunately, the website isn’t clear which areas are not included
  • ALTHOUGH, shipping is done by Fed-Ex and is calculated when you get to the cart checkout so you can view the charges upfront

we’ll be back with more online wine delivery services after this short message…

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Copy of 2

Legacy Liquor Store, Vancouver BC

Wine Delivery: all over BC

Legacy Liquor Store is located in the picturesque Olympic Village along False Creek and the iconic Science World. It’s a gorgeous, massive store jam-packed with wine, beer, coolers, ciders, spirits and cocktail books.

Verification code sent to phone




  • Legacy sells not just wine, but also has a HUGE selection of beer, coolers, ciders and spirits and all of these are available for delivery
  • Online experience has keeps improving since the publication of my last 2 articles like here.
  • Useful descriptions of the wines
  • They will ship anywhere in British Columbia
  • 5% discount is applied to cases of wine 😁


  • ‘search’ bar still needs a little work because it will only register the exact words in a wine’s title. For example, a search for ‘grower’s Champagne’ gets you nowhere.
  • currently, you can only add 1 bottle of wine to the cart at one time. The (+) button doesn’t work on the page below. Nor, does it work in the cart at checkout. This is a bit tedious if you want a case of the same wine.
  • pricing system is complex for deliveries and information is not readily available on the site. Although, you may email for more information.
  • Ordering online asks if you want to to leave a tip – uhhh, I just don’t feel right about this. For one, it’s asking you to tip before any service has been delivered. Who does it go to? The delivery person, the cashier, or the person who puts your order together?

Legacy's Website

Legacy scaled
Copy of Con2


  • varies depending on weight. These estimates are for a 10lb piece.
  • $15 flat rate for same day (within 4 hours) delivery to Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby (cut-off time is 1 pm)
  • Same day Rush Order $30 (must order by 4 pm)
  • $40 to deliver same day (within 4 hours) to the rest of the Lower Mainland (cut-off time is 1 pm)
  • next day delivery – flat rate of $25
  • rest of BC – the online ordering system will figure out the shipping costs at the time of ordering
Serving Temperature

How long do online wine deliveries take?

  • same day or next day within the Lower Mainland
  • you choose time slots for your deliveries either 10am to 2pm, 3pm to 6pm and 7-10pm, 7 days a week
  • the person who orders the wine, must be the person who receives it and ID will be checked
  • In December, time slots are 10am to 5pm or 5pm to 10pm because it gets so busy
  • if you miss that cut off, you may choose a ‘Rush Order’ for same day, or wait until the next day (see above for pricing)
  • wine delivery is available from 10 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday but you can order online at any time
  • store hours are 10 am – 11 pm daily

Liberty Wine Merchants in Vancouver, BC

Wine Delivery: all over BC

Welcome, Liberty Wine Merchants to this list of best online wine delivery services for British Columbia! 

Liberty Wine Merchants holds a special place in my heart as I used to work at one of their locations. Well, that and they have the most in-depth Italian wine selection available. Moreover, you can really geek out on funky Normandy ciders.

I won’t go into the details of the Pros and Cons for this website. Overall, it looks as though they’ve just launched and are still programming ways to link the searches. The end result is the user experience is not as fine tuned as the early adapters above.

However, I’m tickled pink that Liberty is finally online and I look forward to viewing this space as they progress – as I’m sure they will!

Liberty Wine Merchants Website

Liberty scaled
Copy of Con2


  • varies – but you can see what it will cost when you put everything in your basket (and before committing to the purchase)
  • there is ‘free local delivery’ too
Serving Temperature

How long do online wine deliveries take?

  • 3-5 business days for Metro Vancouver
  • up to 10 business days for the rest of BC


Discover the top online wine delivery services in Vancouver, British Columbia, offering a curated selection of high-quality wines delivered right to your doorstep. In this carefully curated list, we feature four standout options: Marquis Wine Cellars, Everything Wine, Legacy Liquor Store, and the newly added to the digital world, Liberty Wine Merchants. Each of these services boasts an exceptional wine selection, user-friendly online interfaces, and swift delivery services throughout the province. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience, these platforms have consistently refined their processes to ensure seamless and efficient online wine shopping. Vancouver residents are privileged to have such a variety of options for acquiring premium wines at their fingertips. Here’s to indulging in the finest wines with convenience and style!

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