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Beyond the Bottle: Discovering the World of Wine Through a Course

Whether you’re an aspiring sommelier or simply a wine enthusiast eager to deepen your understanding, discovering wine through one of our courses can be a transformative experience. In this post, we’ll explore the enriching opportunities that await beyond the bottle as you delve into the realms of wine education, specifically through our WSET Level 1 Basic Wine Course and WSET Level 2 Intermediate Wine Course, both available online and in-person.

For those taking their first steps into the world of wine, our WSET Level 1 Basic Wine Course serves as the perfect initiation. Designed to provide a solid foundation of wine knowledge, this course covers essential topics such as the 8 noble grape varieties, 16 European wines, and the basics of wine and food pairing. Through interactive online classes, participants gain insights into the art of wine tasting using a Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting, understanding wine labels, and the basics of wine terminology.

Our online platform offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, with classes starting roughly every two weeks. Whether you’re a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent, you can conveniently access course materials and engage with expert instructors from the comfort of your home. Plus, upon completion (and passing the exam), you’ll earn a recognized WSET Level 1 certificate and orange lapel pin, validating your newfound expertise in the world of wine.


Discovering Wine + Elevating Your Expertise:

WSET Level 2 Intermediate Wine Course

Ready to take your wine knowledge to the next level? Our WSET Level 2 Intermediate Wine Course is designed to deepen your understanding of the world of wine, covering regions, grape varieties, and winemaking techniques in greater detail. In fact, we’ll master 20 different grape varieties and 70 European wines!! Whether you aspire to become a certified sommelier or simply wish to enhance your wine appreciation skills, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of the wine landscape.

In addition to online classes, we also offer in-person courses in Whistler every fall and in Kamloops every spring, providing hands-on learning experiences in picturesque settings. Led by experienced instructors with a passion for wine education, these immersive courses allow participants to engage in guided tastings, wine and food pairing events, and interactive discussions with fellow wine enthusiasts.


SommWine offers certified-WSET wine courses online as well as in-person classes in Kamloops and Whistler

Embracing the Online Advantage While Discovering Wine:

Flexibility and Accessibility

One of the key advantages of our wine courses is the flexibility and accessibility offered by our online platform. Whether you’re located in a bustling metropolis or a remote countryside, you can access world-class wine education at your fingertips. Furthermore, our online wine courses cater to diverse learning styles and schedules allowing you to balance your professional commitments with your passion for wine.

Recognizing your busy lifestyle, we’ve tailored our offerings at Sommwine to accommodate your needs. When you enrol in our WSET courses, you’ll unlock an exclusive 50% discount on our acclaimed Ultimate Guides. Moreover, our guides are optimized for mobile devices and meticulously walk you through each chapter of your WSET material. Packed with contextual insights, interactive features like flashcards, multiple-choice, and drag-and-drop questions, they’re your comprehensive toolkit for acing your WSET exams. Additionally, each course includes downloadable maps and worksheets for enhanced learning resources. Our guides ensure success is not just a possibility but a guarantee.


Are you already a WSET wine student?

Check out our mobile-friendly guides designed specifically for your WSET wine course

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  • hundreds of multiple choice and matching questions
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Challenge yourself with these flashcards and quizzes after reading a chapter. These guides will make your exam seem easy!

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Unlocking the World of Wine:

A Journey of Discovery

Embarking on a wine course journey is more than just acquiring knowledge; it’s a journey of self-discovery and appreciation for the rich tapestry of flavours and cultures woven into every bottle. Whether you’re savouring the nuances of a Burgundy Pinot Noir or indulging in the elegance of a Tuscan Chianti, each wine tells a unique story waiting to be explored. Not too mention, discovering wine is so much fun!

At SommWine we’re committed to empowering wine enthusiasts of all levels to unlock the mysteries of wine through our comprehensive courses. Whether you’re pursuing a sommelier certification or simply seeking to deepen your appreciation for wine, we invite you to join us on this enriching journey beyond the bottle.

Discovering Wine: Conclusion

Overall, embarking on a wine course journey offers a multitude of benefits, from expanding your palate to gaining a deeper understanding of wine regions and grape varieties. With our WSET Level 1 Basic Wine Course and WSET Level 2 Intermediate Wine Course, available online and in-person, you can embark on a transformative learning experience that transcends the confines of a wine bottle. So why wait? Enrol today and discover the world of wine like never before.

SommWine is dedicated to providing exceptional wine education experiences, whether online or in-person or at one of our private or corporate wine tasting events. Join us and uncork the possibilities that await beyond the bottle.

Unleash your wine potential today! Elevate your expertise and savour every sip with confidence.

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Take WSET Level 1 in Wines Online

A beginner level course for those wanting to dip their toes into the world of wine.

4-week course
followed by exam

Take WSET Level 2 in Wines Online

An intermediate level course for those wanting to to dive head first into the world of wine.

5-week course
followed by exam


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