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5 Ways to Order BC and Canadian Wine Online

Your Guide to Best Online Wine Delivery Systems

After completing my last post on the 5 Best Online Delivery Services in British Columbia, Canada, many people reached out to me to share that they were also delivering. Here are ways you can support our local industry better; by increasing ‘direct to consumer’ orders that are placed straight to the winery. Or, check out one of these sites below!

Here's the 4 best ways to order BC and Canadian wine online!

*** This post has been updated a few times. The first post was sent on April 11, 2020. It was updated on September 21, 2020 and then again on March 10th, 2021 and finally on May 3rd. Originally, it included 6 shipping options. It is now 4 ways to order BC and Canadian wine online (as the websites change).

*** The websites in this post only sell BC and Canadian wine. But don’t forget to check out this post for stores that feature great BC wine alongside international options.

Blue Mountain Vineyard from CN Traveler

British Columbia Wine

Many wineries offered online delivery well before the Covid crisis. Some of them are now sweetening the deal with special offers.


Here are some links to make your search to order BC and Canadian wine easier.

1. Town Hall Brands

Town Hall Brands is a marketing agency who represents some of the best British Columbia wineries. They put together an infographic that details the shipping policies of six BC wineries. I thought I would include this here.


Townhall Brands

Infographic: Courtesy of Town Hall Brands

[Concerned for the environment? Shipping wine accounts for 68% of the carbon that is caused by wine production. Read about the environmental impact of tetra-pak, aluminum cans and the new paper bottles here.]

[Learn 6 Easy Steps to Become a Wine Pairing Guru here]


Canadian Wine

British Columbia isn’t the only province that makes wine. Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec also produce wine. Here are ways to order BC and Canadian wine from all over the country.

Photo: Courtesy of WineAlign

2. Wine Align

Wine Align provides reviews of all the wines that the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) sells. For those of you who don’t know, the LCBO is the largest wine buyer in the world!

Wine Align released the ‘Great Canadian Wine Exchange’ where their top experts curate a mixed case of Canadian wine. You choose which region you want to taste between British Columbia, Niagara Peninsula, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward County and they will pick their favourites from these and mail them to you.

This site is great for ordering Canadian wine in a set collection that has been tasted and approved from the top wine experts in the country. If you want to choose the bottles of wine yourself, scroll down to the next section about My Wine Canada.


  • As Wine Align coordinates shipments to all over the country, pricing is variable. As the wine is packaged together in Ontario, the closer you are to that province, the cheaper shipment is.
  • If you are in Ontario and have an ‘M’ postal code, shipping is $12 on average and is by FIL delivery
  • If you are in Ontario and do not have an ‘M’ postal code, shipping is $20 on average and is sent by ICS Courier
  • Shipping to other provinces – BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia and Yukon – is done through Canada Post. This means that you will need to pick up the wine from your nearest Canada Post office. For a list of average prices here. Scroll down. Prices are VERY reasonable

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3. My Wine Canada

This site is super cool simply because you can order BC and Canadian wine from anywhere. It’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ where you can find wines from as far east as Benjamin Bridge sparkling wine from Nova Scotia, to Tawse Winery in Niagara Peninsula and across the country to as far west as Unsworth Vineyards on Vancouver Island! My Wine Canada also operates a monthly wine club where you will receive 2-3 bottles of wine per month that come with tasting notes and pairing suggestions.

It’s not just wine, you can order spirits from distilleries across Canada too! I will say, out of all of the websites I’ve uncovered in my research for best online wine ordering systems, My Wine Canada has the best site for making your search easy.

Scrolling your mouse over ‘Wineries’ in the top menu brings a drop down menu of all of the wineries available on the site. Clicking on ‘Type’ in the top menu brings you to an excellent section of the website where you browse through grape varieties with descriptions of the wine styles that Canada makes. Furthermore, the ‘keyword’ search bar is quite intuitive.

Sometimes, the wineries will place a minimum requirement of 3 bottles for your purchase but the site will let you know as soon as you click to purchase.

                 [You can read our review of 5 Best Online Wine Delivery Services for British Columbia, Canada here.]


Because wines are shipped from the participating winery to all over Canada. Each winery will use their own preferred carrier service. Prices are variable and will be calculated at the time of purchase. If you would like more detailed and up-to-date info check their delivery information here. Or you can contact them at or call toll free at 1 (888) 236 5036. They do answer their phones!!

Screen Shot 2020 04 25 at 1.07.53 AM
the homepage of


Need to order BC wine online from Vancouver Island? Check out this option below.

4. Bring Me a Drink

Wine Delivery: same day in Victoria and ships to the rest of the province

This site has changed its name since my last update. It used to be called, ‘Need Isolation Drinks’ and is now ‘Bring Me a Drink’.

After I sent out my first post on the 5 Best Online Wine Delivery Services in BC, this company reached out to me via Twitter to let me know they were available.

For those of you unfamiliar with Victoria, Bring Me a Drink started as a project working out of Spinnakers Gastro Pub and Guest House. Spinnakers gained fame by serving locally sourced food, homemade beer and BC wine.


Bring Me a Drink sells wine, beer, cider, and spirits – which are all made in BC! And while they don’t have the largest selection, they have a well curated selection of small producers from British Columbia. Horray for small producers! There’s also the option to order a cheese selection to go with your vino.

Bring Me a Drink offers free delivery if you purchase over $100 and it’s only $3 if you live within 10 km. When the delivery charge costs more, they text you to let you know before they deliver.

The best thing about Bring Me a Drink is they deliver 3 times a day in the Victoria area and text you before dropping it off.


  • free if you purchase $100
  • $3 if spend under $100 and live within 10 km
  • free online wine delivery and shipping to anywhere in BC when you order over $200 + tax
  • $15 flat rate for everything else

Please Note:

  • the law requires a person of legal age to be physically at the address when the product arrives in order to receive it. Couriers and Canada Post are not allowed to leave liquor at your doorstep. Canada Post shipments may be left at your closest post office for you to pick up.
  • you must be 19 years of age or older (in BC) and present id when wine and alcohol are delivered

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