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Best Wines for Mother’s Day

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, wines tastes are sexist.

What do I mean?

If you speak to a heterosexual couple and ask them what kind of wine they would like to drink; the woman wants a white wine and the man wants a full-bodied red wine. That is, if the guy doesn’t just want a beer.

But it’s 2019, you deplore; we shouldn’t generalize this way.

Except that most of the time, if you speculated this way, you would be right more times than you’d be wrong.

Since we’re generalizing, we would also be correct to assume that the woman in this circumstance will be more agreeable and likely will choose the full-bodied red wine over her own preference because she’s ‘not so fussy’. And really, the guy is only having the wine to please his female partner so it is a compromise on both sides.

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Ying and Yang

But tomorrow is Mother’s Day!

We’ve watched our mom’s compromise time and time again. Let’s get mom whatever she REALLY WANTS!

So if she drinks wine, here are my Best Wines for Mother’s Day recommendations.

White wine and slightly bubbleD!

Vinho Verde from Portugal

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Vinho Verde means ‘green wine’; referring to the wine being youthful, just like mom. Not only are these wines beautifully aromatic with tart pear, orange blossom and white flowers, they are bottled with a touch of effervescence (bubbles) and are dry to off-dry. Another great feature is they are low alcohol wines (9-11%) which means it is perfect for our ‘Best Wines for Mother’s Day’ list.

‘Cause really, no one wants to see mom wasted sharing your most embarassing diaper stories with company!

Did I mention that these wines are REALLY inexpensive too?!

ROSÉ wine

Côte de Provence from France

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Rosés from Provence wines are a gorgeous light pastel pink colour  – just like the sun setting over the ocean, and they smell lightly of strawberries and white flower perfume, quite sublime and therefore, a best wine for Mother’s Day! Côtes de Provence wines are usually 12.5%-13% abv and dry.

Top notched wines are mid-priced and higher.

Red Wine + Esoteric

Verduno Pelaverga from Italy

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An hour away from Barolo in Piedmont sits the village of Verduno, a steep hillside with the white-capped Alps mountains in the background. It’s a red wine, but it is sleeeek. Pale ruby coloured and quite aromatic with ripe strawberry fields and dried garrigue herbs.

Make sure the label says ‘Verduno Pelaverga’ and not just ‘Verduno’ – they are made with a better biotype of the grape and are therefore, more richly scented.

Take mom on a picnic in the park with this bottle!

Yes, it is thoughtful to send your mother a gift such as wine on Mother’s Day. She is the reason we exist; she’s our tree, our unwavering support. The self-sacrifycing ‘I’m not so fussy’ line’ she’s stated for years is the reason we’ve grown up to be the people we are.

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Make sure on Mother’s Day you remember what’s REALLY important and give your mom the gift of time.

Happy Mother’s Day, Marian!

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