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Wine Courses

SommWine’s online wine courses have a distinct focus on food and wine pairing. We’ll teach  you how to describe wine and when to pay more money for a bottle. With online support and quizzes after each section.

WSET certified wine courses are offered in Whistler, Canada. Classes are held once a week. The next courses are set to run in the Fall of 2021. Click here for more information.

Which course should you take?

SommWine Courses...

WSET®-certified courses

Who these wine courses are for...


designed for people in any occupation who want to learn how to describe wine, how to pair wine with food confidently and how to choose the correct wine for all occasions

you'll understand why one bottle of wine costs more than another and when you should pay more for that bottle!


especially for people wanting a career in the wine trade as sellers, buyers and retailers

great for people who work for international hotel chains as this is recognized in over 70 different countries!

Who these courses are NOT for...

SommWine Courses...

WSET®-certified courses