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Is the Trend for Big, Ballsy Red Wines (finally!) on its Way Out?

red-wine-A colleague of mine recently wrote that he notices the trend for massive red wines waning. Although I desperately want that to be true, I don’t see it and I want that change. I crave it. You would think that this one would be finished already in the same way that big, buttery Chardonnay moved into the ABC (anything BUT Chardonnay) or the way that Merlot sales crashed and pushed up the sales of Pinot Noir after the movie Sideways. Yet every night on the floor at the restaurant, people request huge wines. Won’t people eventually get bored of big reds and try something else? Why is it so easy for people to be monogamous when it comes to wine?

Burlotto VerdunoI love introducing Burlotto’s Verduna Pelaverga to people who, like myself, crave that something else. Aromatically rich with fresh strawberries and slight dried herbs. Last night, I drank Villa di Corlo Lambrusco di Sorbara, the lightest of the lambruscos and, oh my(!) the juicy, tart fruit with a touch of bitter nectarine pit! At my tasting group, I brought a white Rioja from Abel Mendoza, a dry full-bodied white with lots of caramel and baked apple.

The expense of experimenting most likely is a prohibitive factor. It is expensive to buy wines for trying only to find out on the first sip that you don’t like it. That’s fair and probably why wine stores host free tasting seminars – to get you to try it.abel-mendoza-viura-500x500

And hey, my dad never changed the type of beer he drank until his doctor diagnosed him with high cholesterol. He just bought the lower alcohol ‘light’ beer of the same brand.

What do you think?villa di corlo Lambrusco di sorbara

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