On Sale! Ultimate Guide to Level 2 in Wines

CAD $49.00

Introducing the ultimate study companion to ace your WSET Level II in Wines exam! This guide has it all with flashcards of key grapes and wines, an extensive collection of over 750 questions, including multiple-choice, drag+drop, and written answers. We’ve got all your study needs covered.

Not only will you save time, but you’ll be heading straight towards a WSET Distinction grade!

How the guide works

  • Login at the top of this website using your phone or computer.
  • Read a chapter in your textbook and review the flashcards before taking the quiz. Make sure to review your answers at the end.
  • Each time you retake a quiz, the questions shuffle, presenting you with new ones you haven’t encountered before.

And that’s not all! The final exam practice includes over 250 questions, expertly designed to resemble the format of your actual WSET exam. After completion –  you’ll be thoroughly prepared for success!

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