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Ultimate Guide for Level 2 in Beer

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Welcome to Your Ultimate Guide to WSET Level 2 in Beer!

Each quiz corresponds to a chapter in your textbook “Beer: Looking Behind the Label”. 



    1. Each ‘Lessons’ will ask that you read a chapter. Some lessons will come with flashcards, and will say that in the title.before the quizzes and exercises. Thread a chapter in your book
    2. ‘Lessons’ before the quizzes and exercises. Th
    3. after reviewing the flashcards, take the corresponding quiz(zes) and exercises
    4. review your mistakes using the ‘View Questions’ button
    5. retake the multiple choice quizzes until you gain a passing score of 85% or more
    6. move on to the next lesson


On your actual WSET exam…

    • You have 60 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions.
    • You must get 55% in order to pass – that’s 28 questions right!
    • If you receive 70% or more, you’ll receive a pass with Merit – that’s at least 35 questions right
    • If you receive 85% or more, you’ll receive a pass with Distinction – that means you get 43 questions right


  • If you complete all quizzes (including the final quiz) and get 85% or more, I guarantee you that ‘Distinction’ grade!

Aim for Distinction, I know you can do it!!


So crack open a beer and let’s get studying, shall we?!

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