In Level 2 Award in Wines - WSET Certification - you will learn...

  • how to describe wine based on their structural characteristics such as sweetness level, level of tannin, acid, body and alcohol as well as fruit and oak descriptions using the Level 2 systematic approach to tasting
  • a basic understanding of factors that influence wine style including climate, slopes, viticultural techniques (pruning) and winemaking techniques (crushing, pressing, fermentation temperatures and storage vessels) and maturation choices​
  • the main ways of producing sparkling wines and the quality wine regions that make them
  • the main ways of making sweet and fortified wines and the regions of the world that make them
  • how to store and serve wine properly
  • proper wine glasses for different styles of wine​
  • 22 important grape varieties and over 70 regionally named wines
  • no prior experience in wine required​ - you do NOT have to take WSET Level 1 to register
  • classes meet for 3 hours, one day per week for 9 weeks​
  • taste a minimum of 42 wines
  • includes textbook/ workbook / wines/ exam​
  • NEW! Includes membership to online forum for additional practice quizzes and chatroom support

The Level 2 WSET course exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and you have 60 minutes to complete them. You must get 55% in order to pass the exam.

Examinations are graded in London, England and may take up to 8 weeks to receive grades.

The next Level 2 WSET certified wine class starts on March 23, 2020 and runs for 9 weeks!! Deadline for registration March 9th.