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WSET certified
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WSET Level 1 Course

WSET Level 1

main types and styles of wine

common wines and their characteristics

how to store and serve wine

principals of food and wine pairing

how to describe wine using the Systematic Approach to Tasting

  • no prior experience in wine needed
  • classes either meet one day per week for 4 weeks for 12 hours
  • or a 9 hour one day course
  • wine tasting practiced each class
  • includes a 45 minute exam

The level 1 exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions. You must achieve a grade of at least 70% in order to pass.

WSET Level 2

how wine is made

the factors that influence wine style

key grape varieties and the regions where they are grown
dry, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines
labelling terminology
*this course is changing in August 2019 where spirits will be a separate course
  • no prior experience in wine required
  • classes meet one day a week for 3 hours. Classes run for 9 weeks
  • practical wine tasting each class based on the Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting
  • exam is 60 minutes and is 50 multiple choice questions. You must get 55% in order to pass the exam

The Level 2 exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and you have 60 minutes to complete them. You must get 55% in order to pass the exam

Next classes start – Level 1 in September 2019 (4wks); Level 2 starts in October (9wks) in Whistler, Canada

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Next Level 1 class starts in September 2019 for 4 weeks. Next Level 2 class begins in October 2019 for 9 weeks.