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Invite a Sommeliere Over For an Unforgettable Night

With extensive years overseeing wine programs at Canada’s premier restaurants, Joanne offers the chance to curate an unforgettable evening enriched with tailored topics for you and your attendees.

These wonderful gatherings are a fantastic way to celebrate a special event. Whether it’s a retirement festivity, a bachelorette soirée, or merely a convivial meeting with friends, Joanne has you covered! These events also make excellent gifts for the wine lover you know!

The venue could be your own residence or a hotel suite. I will furnish the narratives, the stemware, and of course, the fine wine!

Wine Tasting Themes

Become a Food Pairing Guru
in one night

Do all white wines go with white meat while all red wines go with red meat?

Sometimes, having wine with food can seem like a match made in heaven. Other times, food can make wine taste well, yucky.

In this jam-packed session, we’ll cover all the DOs and DON’Ts of food and wine pairing. You’ll sip and savour 5 different wines whilst playfully teasing your palate with different food elements.

So the next time you’re invited to dinner, you’ll choose the wine with supreme confidence in tow!

5 wines + food samples

$149 per person

*minimum charge of 5 people
** if 8 - 12 friends $129 pp

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Bubbles and Bachelorettes
(sabering lesson included!)

What better way to celebrate a new chapter in ones life than with a flight of bubbles from around the world?!

This fantastic event INCLUDES a sabering lesson for the woman we’re honouring. Be assured, the rest of you will walk away with all the tricks to saber successfully at home too!

You’ll be fascinated with the breadth of styles and colours there are. There’s so much more than just Prosecco and Champagne!

Schedule a chat with Joanne and she’ll come up with the perfect curation for your celebration!

5 wines

starting at $149 per person

*minimum charge 5 people
** with 8 - 12 guests, $139 per person

Add a cheese + charcuterie board


starting at


for 4 people

Blind Tasting Games

Now here’s an adventure… learn the secrets of professional blind wine tasting!

Everyone can master the art of sniffing out wine aromas. Yes, it’s absolutely true! All it requires is some dedication and, of course, a glass of wine.

So, embark on a voyage of exploration as you unravel the mysteries of
identifying fruit aromas and their connection to the origin of the
grapes.  We’ll then delve into the realm of wine structural characteristics, those are the elements you can feel in your mouth. But here’s the thrilling part: you’ll immediately put your newly acquired knowledge to the ultimate challenge by engaging in a blind tasting of a couple of exquisite wines.

By the time this captivating adventure draws to a close, you’ll possess the remarkable ability to articulate wine descriptions just like the seasoned professionals themselves!

6 wines

$139 per person

*minimum charge 5 people
** with 8 - 12 guests, $129 per person

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Are you hosting in Pemberton, Squamish or Vancouver?

That's great! We'll just add a small travel fee to the bill!

Weird Grapes + Wines

As a certified oenophile, I’m perpetually on the hunt for those instances of “how exactly do you say that” wine? This global escapade guides you through the uncharted territories of the wine realm that you never even knew existed.

Reserved exclusively for the daring souls, this wine tasting experience necessitates early reservations to procure the marvelously eccentric selection of wines!

6 wines


*minimum charge 5 people
** with 8 - 12 guests, $119 per person

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The Stag's Success

You’re on a daring weekend with the boys and big, bold and beautiful reds pairs perfectly with your taste buds.

These selections are as daring as your drop down the Saudan Couloir – safety helmets not included.


6 - 8 wines

$229 per person and up

*minimum charge 5 people
** with 8 - 12 guests, $199 per person

Untitled design 1

What are you having for
dinner tonight?

Tell me your dinner plans and I’ll buy the wines to pair with your meal for an eventful night.

I’ll open the wines, serve them and share what it is that makes the food and wine pairing work with each course.

the full feast experience starting at

$1299* + wines

* includes 3 hrs on site, selecting & organizing wines  + sharing stories for an amazing wine tasting tailored to you!

Personalized Themes

Did you just come back from a wine region and want to share the experience through the glass with friends.
Chat with Joanne and she’ll create a special package just for you!

$1299* + wines

Previous themes include: The Rise of Rosé, Bubble-licious, Woman in Wine, Napa’s Liquid Gold: The Enchanting Tales of its Iconic Wines, The Full Monty: Piemonte

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team building

The best icebreakers begin with wine!
Your group will love the stories, the curated themes and most importantly, the vino.
Veni vini vici… vino!
I came, I saw, I conquered…wine!
Click here for our corporate offerings.

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How to embark on your wine tasting experience...

The Process

The Stockton Winery3

Choose a Theme. Pick your Date, Time + Place

Take a peek at the themes above or have a lively chat with Joanne to get a personalized party motif just for you. Settle on the perfect date, time, and place where there are tables, chairs and water for your guests. And hey, if things get fancy and more wine glasses are needed, we might have to whip out our rental magic!

No matter what, your fabulous event will be set in stone once a non-refundable deposit dances its way into the wine’s coffers. So let’s get this party started, shall we?

Hold your horses! Schedule a chat with Joanne first

Before diving into the action, let’s make sure you schedule a chat with the one and only Joanne! She’s the expert when it comes to getting the party started. Once you’ve had that awesome tête-à-tête, you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable event!

Prices include a 45-minute consultation with Joanne. Need more support? Not to worry, we’ll just charge our hourly rate of $199 after that.


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Now, it’s time to gather your pals and treat your taste buds to some exquisite vino.

Just a small request, though: let’s keep the fragrances light and breezy. We want those wine aromas to shine, so please leave the strong
colognes and perfumes behind.

Invoice and Payment

When it’s time to settle the bill or send a deposit for booking, we’ve got a couple of options for you to choose from. You can gracefully hand over a classic cheque or swiftly make an e-transfer. If you prefer the convenience of using a credit card, no worries! We do accept them, but please note that there will be a small transaction fee applied.

The full payment is due on the day of the event. So, make sure you’ve got your financial ducks in a row, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get ready to toast to a fantastic occasion and let’s make sure the payment part is as smooth as silk!


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Party Time

Let’s do this!!!

You’ll need to have enough water glasses and perhaps plates (if you’ve gone for one of our food options) for your guests. Joanne will arrive early to set up the room for party time!

Our party lasts for 1.5 hours!

Sir Robert Scott Caywood

"Compromises are for relationships...
not wine."


Kind words from kind humans...

All of us loved [Joanne's] energy, [her] personality and the joy [she] showed, doing what [she] loves. We also learned a great deal. It was a great way to add energy for what we were heading into; the world of underwriting, insurance and all things very dry (not like the dry we like of our wines!)
Very special private wine tasting experience. Personalized to our tastes, and gave an enhanced perspective on French wine. Joanne’s enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge vast. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to deepen their wine knowledge in a more individualised way, or wanting to provide a gift to a fellow wine lover. Thank you Joanne!
I really loved pairing the wine with food!
[Joanne scores] a glowing reference on our afternoon touring the world with passion, inspiration and wine!
[Our private wine tasting with Joanne] was amazing. It made us even more passionate towards wine.
SommWine icons 4 WSET class for blog6
Connor Doyle
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are STILL talking about it! Joanne was very personable and we loved our tasting of Napa cabs we wouldn't have known to try.
20210820 154324 scaled e1642913854806
Jeanette Badger
Deep Cove, BC

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