Ultimate Guide to WSET Level 1 | Lesson 1- What is wine?

Welcome to your first quiz!!

Read page 3 before you take this quiz of 10 questions.

As your WSET Level 1 exam requires you to gain 70% or more in order to pass, this quiz requires you to get 80% or more in order for you to move onto the next exercise.

Once you receive a mark of 80% or more, the quiz is marked as completed. However, you may still take it again for further practice – as many times as you like.

Every time you retake the quiz, the questions get shuffled. There are a total of 17 questions that can be asked.

So don’t worry about getting incorrect answers.  These quizzes are designed for you to learn through practice. The marks won’t count towards your WSET grade, but I assure you, if you score above 80% in all of them, you will do exceedingly well!

The answers will be shown at the end of your quiz and some explanations will be given within.


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