Wine Tastings in Whistler in Vancouver in Squamish

Looking for that extraordinary experience to share with your friends?

Option 1

Our Feature Intimate Wine Tasting

3 wines, up to 4 guests

Includes 1 hour interactive presentation

$399 and up

(add a cheese and charcuterie board for $180)

Option 2

Host a Wine Tasting Party !!

5 wines, up to 8 guests

Includes 1.5 hour interactive presentation
+ a cheese and charcuterie board

$799 and up

Or these other options...!

Option 3

Blind Wine Tasting Game

4 wines, up to 8 guests

Includes 1.25 hour interactive presentation

$499 and up

(add a cheese and charcuterie board for $180)

Option 4

Learn the basics of Food & Wine Pairing

5 wines, up to 10 guests

Includes 1.5 hour interactive presentation
and individually plated food elements

$799 and up

(add a cheese and charcuterie board for $180)

Hosting a Wine Tasting Party:
The Basic PRocess

Choose a Theme

Consult with Joanne on your favourite wine theme either by emailing or by phone or text at 604 902 6406. Themes can be based on a wine region or a style of wine. We can play a wine game or practice food and wine pairing for ultimate fun!

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Choose a date, time, place

After we select a theme together and run through how that works, you’ll need to pick a date, time, place. There are some factors that work into the final costs. The main factor is how many guests you will host. However, I’ll give you a pretty darn good estimate before you commit and the final numbers roll in.

Invitations !

Invite your friends!

news letter

Invoice and Payment

Payment is by credit card or by e-transfer. If by card, I will send you a link to pay. In some cases, a wine deposit may be required. Full payment is due 7 working days week ahead of the event.

Party time

Let’s do this!!!

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Frequently asked questions

Private Wine Tastings

Yes, of course you may invite more people! However, there will likely be an additional charge. Contact to discuss.

Let us know about any food allergies or dietary needs. We will do our best to accommodate you and your guests.

There is no minimum age for guests to listen to the presentation. However, all guests tasting wine must be 19 years of age or older and have government-issued photo id to prove this.

Guests who appear younger and do not have id, will be asked to sit out the tasting.

You supply the venue for the wine tasting – usually this means in your living room or hotel kitchen area.

My business is in Whistler and I am available for wine tastings throughout the sea-to-sky in Squamish and Vancouver. There may be an additional fee for tastings in Squamish and Vancouver to cover some travel costs.

I love creating new themes; Let’s discuss this together!! So far, wine themes have ranged from:

– a comparison of the subregions in the ultra premium Napa Valley

– the Best of British Columbia

– Bubblelicious – a range of sparkling wines from around the world

– Rosé on the Rise – a celebration of everything pink

– New World vs Old World – can you spot the difference?

Luckily, this is a rare event. I open the wines the day before your event and taste them to make sure they are sound. Therefore, I have time to run to the store and get another bottle to replace faulted wines.

I may not be able to replace the faulted bottle with the same wine.

In some cases, a 50% refund may apply when unforeseen problems arrive on that date. Instead, we prefer to choose another date for your event for a $125 rebooking fee.

It depends on the theme. Option 4: Learn the basics of wine and food pairing comes with some food samples. Option 2: Host a Wine Tasting Party comes with a cheese and charcuterie board.

There is the option to purchase a cheese and charcuterie board at all events for an additional $180 (for up to 10 guests). Check with Joanne about pricing for larger parties.

There are so many factors that go into a wine tasting. Some clients enjoy ultra premium priced wines only. These wines may cost anywhere between $80 – $1000+ per bottle. This price will then be factored into the cost to you. I’ll ask you what your friends will enjoy most when we discuss a theme together.

Furthermore, some clients host events for 30 people or more. In this instance, other third parties such as glass rental will be added to the bill. Or, there may be an additional travel fee for events in Vancouver or Squamish.

That’s why it’s best to schedule a quick phone call consultation with Joanne first. I’ll be able to provide you with a price more accurately after we speak.

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