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SommWine’s Ultimate Guide for WSET Level 2

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Welcome to SommWine’s Ultimate Guide for WSET Level 2!

The following quizzes and various exercises correspond to the chapters in your book ‘Wines: Looking Behind the Label.’ However, most of the questions here are much harder than the ones you will answer on your WSET Level 2 exam.

And, that’s the point!


    1. read a chapter in your book
    2. take the corresponding quiz
    3. review your mistakes using the ‘View Questions’ button
    4. retake the quiz until you gain a passing score of 85% or more

Finally, the last quiz is modelled just like your WSET exam will be.

On your actual WSET exam…

      • You have 60 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions.
      • You must get 55% in order to pass.
      • If you receive 70% or more, you’ll receive a pass with Merit.
      • If you receive 85% or more, you’ll receive a pass with Distinction.

Aim for Distinction!!



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