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Welcome to WSET Level 2!


For this course, you will need to have ‘Wines: Looking Behind the Label’ textbook. Everything that you need to know will be in this book.

By now you should have also read the ‘Specification’ that was sent to you via email. It lists ALL of the things you need to know for your exam.

Pay special attention to page 14 where it lists which ‘learning outcomes’ carry more weight. It shows you which sections of the book you need to spend more time on.


For your exam…

You have 60 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions.
You must get 55% in order to pass.
If 70%, you receive a pass with Merit.
If 85%, you receive a pass with Distinction.


You must bring photo Id and a pencil and eraser to the exam.


Instructions for quizzes


The quizzes are designed for practicing and learning quickly – so feel free to make many mistakes on this site. Your scores do not count towards your final grade.

However, since we would like you to do well on your exam, you will often need to get 80% or more to pass a quiz before moving on.


Multiple Choice:

With the multiple choice questions, there can be multiple correct answers.


Drag and Drop:

The drag and drop exercises are a little tricky to use.

The drag and drop answers can get stuck when you drag it with your mouse or keypad. It’s easiest to move the curser to the very right of the quiz and down the empty sidebar instead of dragging it through the quiz. Then the answer is less likely to be dropped in the incorrect spot.

However, once dropping an item to the incorrect spot, it cannot be moved back up to the top. You CAN however, move it to another spot on the list and ‘rest’ it there before moving it to it’s final correct position.


Good Luck!