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Welcome to SommWine’s Ultimate Guide to WSET Level 1!

Now that you are registered, you will have a 3-year access to this course. Take quizzes to prepare you for your final exam, to boost wine sales, or just to sound smart.

Each quiz lists the pages in your book you must read first along with instructions for taking the quizzes.

Most of the questions I present in this course are more difficult than your exam will be. They are designed to get you to think beyond WSET Level 1 and prepare you for the real life application of the knowledge. By completing ALL of the lessons in this course, I personally guarantee you a killer grade!

How the quizzes are designed:

There are both required quizzes and optional quizzes. You must take all of the required quizzes and gain a minimum score of 80% in order to move onto the next lesson.

However, I’ve also prepared some extra advanced optional quizzes so you can truly master the material. For example, I’ll ask to apply the knowledge by having you choose wines listed the same way as they would be on wine list. In another quiz, I have you type the answer to the questions and you must get all of the accents correct in order to gain the mark.

This is far beyond what you need to do to pass your exam, as they are designed for you to apply your knowledge from WSET Level 1. So these quizzes that are labelled advanced, you can skip. However, you’ll find that after you’ve taken a wine class, everyone will be expecting you to choose the next bottle of wine. Therefore, although the advanced quizzes are not necessary for you to pass your exam, they provide real life applications!

Finally, you can re-take all quizzes as many times as you like. In fact, I strongly urge you to retake them at least twice as the questions in the quizzes will shuffle exposing you to ones you haven’t seen before!

Good luck and have fun!