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Looking for that extraordinary experience to boost staff moral? Try a curated wine tasting as the perfect icebreaker!

Choose from one of our themes or we’ll design one around whatever tickles your fancy, just for you!

What we do?

  • an initial discussion with you
  • this can be held at your office or we'll work with your host hotel to coordinate the perfect setting that fits your schedule
  • an experienced sommelier curates a wine experience for you and your staff and co-workers
  • wines will be decanted and ready for the start of the tasting
  • the night begins with a lesson on the art of mindful drinking; also known as wine tasting like a pro!
  • then we journey through wine regions around the world
  • we follow up with a survey to get your feedback on the experience
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What you do?

  • Step 1: select a theme below and choose between standard or premium pricing
  • Step 2: choose a location, date and time. Tell us who your host hotel is, the name of a contact person there, and we'll coordinate with them for you.
  • Step 3: Click on a 'Book Now' button to request your date and theme. We'll work behind the scenes to coordinate with your host hotel.
  • invite staff and coworkers
  • get ready for a fun night!

What it includes?

  • selection of 8 wines built around a theme
  • wine tasting sheets
  • wine list with space for your notes
  • pens
  • slide show presentation

What it does not include

  • hotel room rental charge including tables and chairs
  • wine glass rentals, water glasses
  • fees for renting presentation equipment if necessary
  • don't worry, we'll coordinate with you and your host hotel to bring you the final pricing in advance
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Step 1

Choose a theme
Choose a theme and then choose if you would like a standard selection of wine or a premium selection

Step 2

Choose the location, date and time.
We offer tastings in locations near Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver, and Victoria Canada.

Step 3

Click 'Book Now' to fill out our form


Clicking on the 'Book Now' button will pull out a form where you can request a date or ask questions. You can see answers to frequent questions at the bottom of this page.

Step 4



After we confirm themes, dates and number of guests, it's time to pay. We accept paypal. Payments must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the event

Step 5

Invite your friends


Invite up to 19 people. Or, invite more and I'll just charge more for the extra wine.
A Bottle of Her Own: Exceptional Wines and the Women who Make Them
The real life stories of women who have made their mark on the world of wine. Equal parts eonology, psychology, and sociology. Pepared to be challenged! Standard selection for $750 or premium selection starts at $850
The Full Monty - Piemonte
At the foot of the alps in northern Italy lies a series of microclimates that makes wines ranging from light and refreshing strawberry and dried herb scented wines to rosebush and tar beasts called Barolo. Standard selection starts at $800 or premium selection from at $950
Bang for your buck!
Just because you can buy these wines out of pocket, doesn't mean that they don't pack a punch! Experience an evening with sommelier selected gems that will impress your friends as much as your budget! Standard Selection only $650
The Best of BC
British Columbia sits at the 50th parallel and beyond, just teetering over the edge of where viticulture is possible. Join us for an evening of discovery to learn about the icons of the industry and why these trailblazers don't stray from walking that fine line between madness and genius! Standard wine selection from $650 to premium selection from $850
Bubble licious!
Sparkling wines sales are skyrocketing. We'll circumnavigate the globe in this tasting and show you just how many styles there are. Sabering is optional and it's not just the cork that will shoot through the roof! Standard selection from $775; premium wines from $950 and beyond!
Bubble licious!
Sparkling wines sales are skyrocketing. We'll circumnavigate the globe in this tasting and show you just how many styles there are. Sabering is optional and it's not just the cork that will shoot through the roof! Standard selection from $775; premium wines from $950 and beyond!
High-Altitude Napa Valley
The Napa Valley is known for it's opulence and decadence. But just wait until you taste the grapes from the mountain regions of Napa. Here grapes ripen above the fog line of the valley below and high altitude makes for cool nights that keep the berries small and concentrate the flavours even more. Standard selection from $950; premium selection from $1250

Step 1: Choose a Theme

  • Click on the arrows to see all wine themes. Choose from our standard wine selection or a premium wine selection.
  • Step 2 Pick a date, time and location. If this will be at a hotel, have a catering contact person and phone number ready.
  • Step 3 Click on ‘Book Now’ and fill out the form to request your theme and dates. We will contact you soon!

Questions? Check out our FAQs at the bottom of the page or click on ‘Book Now’ to message Joanne with your query.


Create your own theme

Personalized Wine Tastings​

Perhaps you would like to open special wines that you’ve been keeping for a long time. Or maybe, you would like to have a theme built around a holiday you’ve just come back from. Either way, Sommwine would love to make that happen for you

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Life’s too short to drink bad wine. Book your wine experience today!

The Presenter
Joanne DiGeso, founder of Sommwine

I have 18 years experience in some of the best restaurants in Western Canada. Please see my ‘about’ section in the header of my website to learn more about me!

Joanne DiGeso, certified WSET educator, wine presenter and judge

Frequently asked questions...

Yes, of course you may invite more than 19 people. There will be an extra charge for this as we will require more bottles of wine. Please choose a theme and fill out the number of people you intend to host. This way I can send you a quote for the adjusted price.
As we cannot predict which wine may be corked or off, we will have to just do without. Fortunately, this rarely happens.
Payment is due in full 2 weeks before the event.

Payment is due in full 11 days before the event.

If payment is not made in full 11 days prior to the event, it will be cancelled. We know how busy things can get! So we’ll send you a reminder before the due date so this doesn’t happen.