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Want to Buy the Best BC Wine Online?

Introducing 90+ Wines at Swirl Wine Store

Want to buy the best BC wine online? We are introducing a new partnership between SommWine, Good Wine Gal and Swirl Wine Store in Yaletown, Vancouver, Canada. It’s called 90+ Wines.

What is 90+ Wines?

Our tagline is simple. We pick your favourite wines; you drink them.

How do we pick your favourite wines?

We meet each month and blind taste wines. We rate them on a 100 point system. Then we build word cloud images to share what the main flavours and style of the wine are.

It looks something like this…

What is Swirl?

Swirl is a wine store located in trendy Yaletown in the center of Vancouver. They sell exclusively British Columbia wines from small and medium-sized wineries. Their selection is excellent and they carry most of our favourite producers.

That has everything to do with owner, Jeff Wong [applause].


click here to go to the Swirl Wine store to order BC and Canadian wine online
Buy the Best BC Wines Online at 90+ Wines on the Swirl website

Swirl and the team is famous for their tasting flight offerings and cheese bites. Unfortunately, Covid has caused some dust to settle over their wine glasses and cheese boards.

What could we do to help?

Enter Barb.

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Good Wine Gal, Barb Wild

Who is Barb?

Barb Wild is better known as Good Wine Gal. She’s a DipWSET graduate (that’s winespeak for ‘she’s got some hardcore wine schooling under her black belt’.) She hosts weekly wine zoom sessions and cares about connecting consumers with good bottles of wine.

If you have ever been to Swirl, you may have seen her tasting descriptions on the wine bottles.


Creator of SommWine, Joanne DiGeso

Who is SommWine?

Well, er… that’s us. Our troupe leader, Joanne DiGeso, teamed up with Barb (above) for weekly zoom meetings to brainstorm ways to promote great BC wine. If this is your first visit to this site, you can read more about Joanne here.

As we are not ones to rest on our laurels AND Covid gave us more time than we wanted…


90+ Wines – Where we pick your favourite wines; you drink them! – was born.

The trifecta of Jeff from Swirl Wine Store, Barb of Good Wine Gal and Joanne from SommWine means we are able to offer you the best BC wines online to buy!

How do we make it possible for you to drink the wines?

It’s simple. We take our favourite wines and put them into 2, 3, 4, and 6-bottle packs for sale under 90+ Wines on Swirls website. You can check out our monthly offerings here.

It’s our way of sharing the best BC wines online so you can buy them easily!

Delivery, Cost, Insurance, etc...

Prices for delivery are ridiculously reasonable.

Delivery Greater Vancouver Area

$12 for orders under $150

over $150, delivery is FREE!

When do they deliver?

Next day delivery. Delivery days are Monday-Friday. Order cut off time is 3 pm the day prior. Same day delivery on Friday for orders received before 2pm.

There are no deliveries on Dec 25, 26, 31 and Jan 1. We have to give Jeff SOME days off!

Delivery to Everywhere Else in Canada


Delivery happens 2 ways depending on the time of the year and volume of wine. It is via Canada Post or ATS. ATS has temperature controlled trucks so the wines don’t freeze in winter.

Jeff at Swirl promises to find you the best and safest shipping rates. Personally, I’ve only paid at most $40 to ship wines across the country. Often, it’s been $20 (just to give you an idea).


Pick Up

Of course, you can always pick up your wines for free after 11 am every day. 1185 Mainland Street in Vancouver, BC.


Packages are insured up to $100.00 at no extra cost. Additional insurance can be purchased if requested.


Both Good Wine Gal and SommWine receive a small percentage of the sales for 90+ Wine packs at Swirl. However, we wouldn’t get behind Jeff at Swirl if we didn’t believe in what he is doing wholeheartedly.

Want to buy the best BC wine online? Check out what we are doing here!

What do you want to see in our word cloud descriptions of wine? What would you have us leave out? Here's another wine word cloud. Leave your comments below!

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