SommWine charmingly delivers as a personalized sommelier for an evening at home. Prices below include up to 12 people.

All you need to do is invite friends for a fun-packed evening where we travel to vineyards afar from your kitchen. You provide napkins, water and water glasses for your guests. We’ll bring snacks, wine glasses, pens, tasting-note sheets and 6 different wines (of course!). Choose from one of our pre-selected themes below or we’ll design one especially for you!

The Best of BC

British Columbia sits at the 50th parallel and beyond, just teetering over the edge of where viticulture is possible. Join us for an evening of discovery to learn about the icons of the industry and why these trailblazers don’t stray from walking that fine line between madness and genius!

Standard Pricing starts at $650                    Premium Pricing starts at $850

High-Altitude Napa Valley

The Napa Valley is known for it’s opulence and decadence. But just wait until you taste the grapes from the mountains regions of Napa. Here grapes ripen above the fog line of the valley below and high altitude makes for cool nights that keep the berries small and concentrate the flavours even more.

Standard Pricing starts at $950
Premium Pricing starts at $1200
Naramata Vineyards over looking Okanagan Lake

A Bottle of Her Own: Exceptional Wines and the Women who Make Them

The real life stories of women who have made their mark on the world of wine. Part eonology, psychology, and sociology. If you’re from a post-modernist perspective, prepared to have your ideas challenged!

Stardard Price starts at $750
Premium Price starting at $850

The Full Monty – Piemonte

At the foot of the alps in northern Italy lies a series of microclimates that makes wines ranging from pale-coloured strawberry and dried herb scented wines to rosebush, tar and spice perfumed beasts called Barolo.

Standard Tasting starts at $800                    Premium Tasting starts at $950

Bubble licious!

Sparkling wines sales are skyrocketing. We’ll circumnavigate the globe and show you just how many styles there are. Sabering is optional and it’s not just the cork that will shoot through the roof!

Standard Pricing starts at $750                    Premium Pricing starts at $950
Beautiful young woman holding a bottle with money savings for the dream standing on the green background. Savings for the future concept

Bang for your buck!

Just because these wines are light on the pocket book, that doesn’t mean that they don’t pack a punch! Experience an evening with sommelier selected gems that will impress your friends as much as your budget!

Standard Pricing at $600

Host Your Very Own Personalized Wine Tasting

Perhaps you would like to open special wines that you’ve been keeping for a long time. Or maybe, you would like to have a theme built around a holiday you’ve just come back from. Either way, SommWine would love to make that happen for you!