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We’ll teach you how to taste wine like a pro and journey you through 8 different wines. Choose from one of our pre-selected themes below or we’ll design one especially for you! 1.5 hours

Hotel charges (such as room rental) is not included .

Naramata Vineyards over looking Okanagan Lake

British Columbia – The Final Frontier

If you are visiting, you may not know that British Columbia makes exquisite wines. Why can’t you find this gorgeous juice anywhere else? It’s quite simple really; we drink it all here!

British Columbia sits at the 50th parallel, just teetering over the edge of where viticulture is possible. Join us for an evening of discovery to learn about the icons of the industry and why these trailblazers don’t stray from walking that fine line between madness and genius!

Pricing starting at $1300 for 20 people

With Love From Argentina

Few grapes are as indelibly connected to a place as Malbec is to Argentina. Yet, you may be surprised to learn that Malbec is a Bordeaux variety from France, having travelled to Argentina in the 1850’s.

Tango with Malbec and we’ll dance all the way from the north of the country where the highest altitude vineyards in the world rise to 3000 feet; to the historic center of Mendoza below the Andes Mountains; to Patagonia, the explorer’s paradise in the south. But be prepared; Malbec isn’t the only dance partner you’ll meet!

Pricing starts at $1300 for 20 people
Old Cordon Vines - Napa

Wines from Old Vines

If left to their own devices, grape vines can live much longer than humans. And athough it is true that old vines can’t produce as many grapes as they can in their virile youth, certainly their juice gets more concentrated as the vines age.

It’s a tough econonmic choice for producers to hold onto their old vines.

Come explore the complexities of wines that pack more punch with every drop in Wines from Old Vines!

Pricing starts at $1600 for 20 people
Me atop Barolo

The Great Grapes of Italy

Boasting over 500 native varieties, most of us have only splashed the surface of great Italian grapes. We’ll taste some great wines that you already know and then we’ll dive deeper into discovering wines you’ve never seen before.


Pricing starts at $1400 for 20 people
' b&w by John W Schultz

K Syrah, Shiraz!

This seminar is a serious look at Syrah or Shiraz around the world. We’ll visit it’s homeland of the Rhône Valley in France, stop in next door to the Okanagan Valley and Washington State before journeying to where it’s risen to SuperStar status in Australia!


Pricing starts at $1500 for 20 people

Lords of the Dirt – Pinot Noir

The best wines are made in the vineyard and Pinot Noir is the perfect example of this. It’s finicky but if you coax it with gentle love and respect it’s boundaries, you may just end up with a great wine. Handle it with a heavy hand or give it too much oak, and it’s alluring perfume is lost forever. Come see what the fuss is about in Dirt, Rocks and Mushrooms!

Standard Pricing at $1600

Host Your Very Own Personalized Wine Tasting

Perhaps you would like to open special wines that you’ve been keeping for a long time. Or maybe, you would like to have a theme built around a holiday you’ve just come back from. Either way, SommWine would love to make that happen for you!