Joanne DiGeso

Wine Educator, Judge, Writer, Seminar Presenter, Creator Sommwine

Joanne DiGeso, founder of Sommwine

As a wine director and sommelier, the best part about my job was finding the perfect bottle of wine for each guest. There are a million different wines out there and 7.3 billion different tasters to enjoy them.

So on these pages, I'll be deciphering a beautiful elixir called wine. We'll examine what the wine professionals say versus what they really mean. I call this deciphering wine-speak. Why does one wine pro say one thing about a wine, while another says the opposite? Because they have different tastes, just like you and I.

But here lies my dilemma. I LOVE wine and I'm studying to apply for the Master of Wine program. Yet, alcohol is not really that good for you and conventional viticulture is hard on the environment.

With food, we try to promote the 1 mile diet. That means utilizing what you have around you to lesson the carbon footprint. Yet with wine, not only do we ship it across continents, we put it heavy glass bottles before we do. What to do?

So here is my wine journey to promote the art of mindful drinking. I'll be taking it upon myself to really think hard about what has gone into the glass in front of me. I'll be searching for sustainable producers and innovators and I'd like you to come with me.

Joanne at SommWine



WSET Approved Program Provider for SommWine

+ WSET certified wine educator

teaching Levels 1-3; Whistler, BC

+ formerly Statera Wine Academy; Vancouver BC

Recurring since 2015

Wine Judge

+ Seminar Presenter

Cornucopia; Whistler

2016 / 2017

Panel Moderator

Top Drop; Whistler + Vancouver


Bearfoot Bistro; wine director + sommelier



Hawksworth Restaurant; sommelier



Four Season's Resort; sommelier + server



VinItaly International Academy Scholarship 2017

Les Dames D’Escoffier Scholarship 2016

British Columbia Hospitality Scholarship 2015

Whistler’s Top Sommelier 2010


2018 completed

Wine and Spirit Education Trust


Levels 1-4; The Art Institute of Vancouver


VinItaly International Wine Academy

Certified Italian Wine Ambassador; Verona, Italy

2007 and 2012

International Sommelier Guild Levels 1 and 2


University of British Columbia

Undergraduate Degree; Sociology


Wine educator 91%
Wine Writer 72%
Seminar Presenter 71%
Wine Judge 61%
Staff Wine Training 85%
Wine Service 100%
Panel Moderator 52%


With many years experience working at swank restaurants. I’m currently studying to apply for the Master of Wine program and writing an online wine program. You can contact me to prepare wine seminars for staff training or create a wine tasting for your friends.

I call Whistler – the famous ski resort – home.